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Easy and convenient car hire services

Renting a vehicle is the logical choice when you're on holidays, on a business trip, or simply need short-term transport. Don't rely on public transport or taxis; with vehicle rental you can take control of your itinerary and go where you want, when you want. Racey Rentals is a leading provider of car and minibus rental services. Based in Kalgoorlie, we have multiple locations for your pick-up and drop-off convenience. 

Example of our small car and minibus rental in Kalgoorlie

Small cars

Racey Rentals offers a wide range of small cars at affordable prices. Our late-model vehicles are comfortable, economical, and can get you where you need to go in style. These vehicles are great for individuals or couples. To book, please contact us in Kalgoorlie. 

Example of our car and minibus rental vehicles in Kalgoorlie

Larger cars

If you need more room, have a family to transport, or simply enjoy the increased space that comes with a larger car, then we can help. Speak to our team in Kalgoorlie about our larger vehicles. We have an extensive rental selection with a choice of makes and models. 

Sporting team in a minibus rental in Kalgoorlie


Racey Rentals's minibus rental is perfect for transporting larger groups of people.

Whether you're planning a school outing, a club trip, or simply have a large family, we can help with excellent transportation solutions.

Call the minibus rental experts at Racey Rentals today.